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Resident Evil 6

The full global multi platform digital campaign for AAA game title Resident Evil 6

About This Project

For Resident Evil 6, crush was appointed the digital marketing account under which I was Account Director. We won a competitive pitch to deploy a full global digital campaign spanning several platforms. Throughout the year long run up we built a number of digital products alongside the main campaign assets. Below are some of the main activities.


C Virus Map
We built an interactive Twitter map where users could Tweet through the website or on Twitter to place themselves on an infection map. The site integrated with a custom Google Map which plotted and grouped users from all over the world, representing the in game virus in a web visualisation.
Last Goodbye
To tie in with a No Hope Left theme, we created a large content site where fans could say their Last Goodbyes to loved ones via Facebook and Twitter. The submissions were grouped together to create an online rich content board of people’s submissions. Later in the campaign we added Last Song, which intergrated with Soundcloud for users to select a final song. The last element was Last Wish, where users could post a final wish of theirs before the infection finally took over. We granted this to a couple who wanted to travel to Hawaii where an all expenses 2 week trip was rewarded.

The app used Facebook, Twitter and YouTube record for fans to record their final goodbyes directly to the app. Soundcloud was also integrated for fans to record their final goodbyes direct to Soundcloud too. All in all, a really complex site!

Shared Nightmare
Shared Nightmare was a interactive trailer for Resident Evil 6 which incorporated Facebook profile information to enrich the video. We scripted the video trailer its self, and planned the data plants which would pull from Facebook user’s profiles.

After fans logged in with their Facebook accounts, the trailer pulled a photo of their loved one to incorporate in the trailer (tricky magic used to work that out). Location data was also grabbed to show a map within the video, and users could send a goodbye message via the trailer its self, which would in turn message that friend on Facebook.

This was one of the most complex apps I’ve ever had to plan, technically it was very demanding but the result was great. Resident Evil was the first ever game to launch an interactive trailer like this.

Shaker Online Event
Shaker is an online community platform where you can host virtual events and meet ups. We integrated the platform in to Facebook and hosted a launch party the night before the game’s release. Over 3,500 fans checked in to the event where they could customise their character with in-game clothes. We had the room designed in a Resident Evil theme, and gave away game codes to those who entered
Supporting Assets

  • Fully responsive Resident Evil 6 website
  • Responsive token redemption Gamescom website
  • eCRM campaign + newsletter assets
  • Facebook application for game information, buying options, newsletter sign up and more
  • Full suite of campaign social media content
  • ThisMoment YouTube present



At Capcom, we are always looking for new and exciting ways to connect with our audiences. Capcom and Crush have a great synergy, and we hope to have created a digital campaign that grows excitement amongst the core Resident Evil fan base about the forthcoming title, as well as reaching out to and engaging with new audiences.
– Angelique Schierz-Crusius, Global Digital Strategy, Capcom




Facebook API

YouTube Record Integration

Soundcloud API

EFIGS Language Filtering


In-video Data Plants

Award Nominations

Drum Marketing Award, MCV: Best Digital Campaign

Designer/Developer Credits

Powster, Adewale Adeyemi, Nii Quarcoopome, Me

Other Agency Credit

Brothers & Sisters (No Hope Left)


April 03, 2012

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